Woven in purpose:
Focused on positive impact for women

The Hasthakala Foundation’s interventions take on a dual-orientation. Each one aimed to create impact in its particular area of focus, but with the overarching objective to enrich the livelihood of the rural women of Kerala.


Thanal is dedicated to educating and empowering women via the development of high-level tailoring and garment-making skills. We teach untrained women stitching skills and introduce them to new, trendy patterns, placing a high importance on skill development to build decent, sustainable living and increase their confidence. The project allows local women to generate their revenue by assisting them in obtaining raw materials, collecting finished items from them, and transferring them to markets to be sold.


As the name indicates, Asha aims to give the handloom industry a fresh lease of life by uplifting the people who work in it. By developing a sustainable centre for Kerala handloom items, this effort provides a solid link between primary products made by weavers and global markets. Asha also encourages weavers to produce fresh and inventive designs to appeal to wider international markets. Although Asha has brought many women into the handloom sector, it aspires to bring in more women from the younger generation and make a greater impact.