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Giving the hands that create
a helping hand

The Hasthakala Foundation is a heartfelt initiative aimed at improving the livelihoods of skilled rural artisans. To encourage local handicrafts, handlooms and traditional couture around the world. The Hasthakala foundation assists struggling rural artisans in upskilling, imbibing contemporary designs and making their products marketable to a global audience.

Technological advancements have influenced today's fashion trends and on the other hand, traditional craftspeople and community weavers are declining in popularity as people are gravitating towards new designs and fabrics. Over the next five years, the Hasthakala Foundation aims to transform the lives of one lakh artisans/craftspeople to preserve and revitalize the indigenous handloom.


Our uniqueness lies in our proposition to enhance local talent in terms of handloom & handicrafts, staying updated with fashion trends through innovative designs, use of technology, and maintaining high-quality standards. Our commitment to the empowerment and welfare of women artisans as well as our focus on environmentally-friendly and energy-efficient craft practices are vital to our growth.


Our goal is to provide tangible and intangible inputs to improve the lives and livelihoods of India’s handicraft and handloom weavers. The focus of our interventions is on the rich and varied Indian handicrafts tradition practised by skilled rural artisans who produce objects of impeccable artistic skill and aesthetics holding a strong market potential.

The Hasthakala Foundation works towards creating an equitable society to enhance the quality of life for all through the empowerment of marginalized and underprivileged communities in India.


Our mission is to provide training in contemporary designs and empower local artisans and communities to expand and develop them as sustainable business entities. We will support them with access to global markets to ensure the best return of investment for their efforts. Our initiative will impact one lakh artisans/craft professionals in the next 5 years.

Our Goal

To train and empower 1,000 people in the field of handloom and handicraft in Kerala by March 2022 by providing professional training and mentorship to create sustainable production units.