Weaving new possibilities:
Hand Holding those who hold the threads of tomorrow

Women handloom weavers in their older years are the last living archives of distinct ancient talents. Generally, their children and grandchildren have little or no awareness of their talents and much has already been lost. Now is our final chance to preserve what remains of a legacy and equip them with the skill so that future generations of weavers can benefit from the wisdom of their forefathers.

Hasthakala Foundation is dedicated to the rejuvenation of the creative and cultural sector by empowering women handloom workers to weave a bright and colourful future for themselves. The pandemic has demonstrated to the globe that the quarantine period would have been practically impossible to live if it weren't for human resilience and ingenuity. Such extraordinary circumstances demonstrate the importance of artistic and cultural endeavours.

“The floods and COVID pandemic has left the industry struggling. Since Kuthampally was one of the worst-hit, I thought of starting a revival campaign.” Anjali Varma

The 'vocal for tradition; vocal for culture' campaign, which was recently initiated by the foundation, seeks to revitalize the endangered tradition of handloom weavers. The looms are more of a lifestyle for the Kuthampully weavers than a source of income. They make gorgeous Kasavu sarees with elaborate designs, pallus, and borders. Members of the Travancore Royal Family will introduce 'Mudra,' a Royal Handloom Edition, as part of the campaign, to honour their legacy.