The face behind Hasthakala Foundation
The guiding hand behind the change

Hasthakala Foundation was created by the coming together of a group of like-minded people who had a common aim and a desire to give their
knowledge to help artists grow and flourish.

Anjali Varma

Anjali Varma has a decade of expertise in the fashion industry, having started with a boutique in 2013. Her desire to assist indigenous women artisans and weavers stems from a passion that extends beyond fashion. She has been working tirelessly to integrate those from the periphery into mainstream society. With a firm belief in creating enhanced livelihood that encourages more and more women from Kerala to take up handloom making she brings sustainability to creative fashion. Through her work, she aims to help in providing a safe haven for handloom craftswomen by giving them a platform that is both creative and socially committed.